frequently asked Questions

There are many ways to clean 1tip: Isopropanol (recommended), water bath, Schmandweg, cotton swabs, toilet paper, pipe cleaner. Find the solution that suits you best.

Incorrect! 1tip is unique on the market. Thanks to the screw cap, you have easy access to the inside of the filter. Here you have the free choice of filter technology. Do you prefer paper or glass tips? Try the stainless steel spiral. You'll be surprised. Do you want an activated carbon filter? Fill 1tip with activated carbon and enjoy improved filter performance.

1tip will last you a lifetime. In the variant with a stainless steel spiral, you only have the one-time purchase price. 1tip used as an activated carbon filter has the advantage that you only have to pay for the carbon and not for unnecessary tubes. 500 g of activated charcoal costs around €19.99. This allows you to refill 1tip up to 5555 times (0.09 g filling content). A filling can be reused up to 3 times. Wait, which filter is expensive?

To ensure the best taste, 1tip should be cleaned after each use. You can also use it more often without cleaning. Just try it!

Not at the beginning because it is not possible for us from a financial point of view. BUT: We are always open to feedback and try to implement it in our products.

Any activated carbon that has a grain size of >= 0.5 mm will work in our filter.

Just write to us via our social media channels or by email. We try to reply on the same day.

Am Besten besorgst du dir dafür unsere 1Tip Squeezeflasche.

Dafür gibt es viele Gründe! Durch die Spirale wird der Rauch aufgrund des Effektes der Oberflächenvergrößerung viel kühler. Dies ist mit Papierfiltern nicht möglich. Zudem verstopft der Filter nicht. 1Tip hat zusätzlich die Option mit Aktivkohle befüllt zu werden. Dies ist günstiger als Wegwerf-Aktivkohlefilter aufgrund der Wiederverwendbarkeit des Filters. Zudem kann die Menge der Aktivkohle, die in 1Tip gefüllt wird, individuell bestimmt werden. Dies sorgt für dein individuelles Geschmackserlebnis.